IQAN GO and G11 feels too slow

Ville Karlsson 3 years ago in IQANgo updated by anonymous 3 years ago 1

Customer has issues with slow IQAN system update over IQAN GO and G11.

So I tested following setup:

1) I connected a wireless access point from Zyxel (WAP3205v2) to IQAN MD4 with the ethernet cable. 

2) I set the switch on Zyxel to Access Point mode (AP) and turned on Wifi with a switch.

3) I connected my iphone to this new wifi.

4) I opened IQAN GO,  selected Wifi and connected to my IQAN system.

5) I downloaded my IQAN file stored to the phone (size 26006kB). I took less that two minutes.


This is working as expected. G11 uses bluetooth and CAN which is much slower than wifi.

For development I also like to put a wifi AP in the machine, then when shipping in production we put G11 that is much easier for the customer to use (but slower).