Delay on/off with multi-state parameter

NEricson 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated 3 years ago 4

In my program it would be nice to adjust the delay on/off of a digital parameter in each state.

I did not really understand the purpose of having a delay-time for something controlled with a parameter channels SP and DP. Machine adjustments made during e.g. production or service should not need any specific timing. 

But what about using an IDC with function selector?

Im sorry I mislead you. An IDC with a function selector is exactly what I was referring to. In my program it would be nice to change the Delay-on times of an IDC in each state of the function selector. Depending on the state, it needs to be delayed more or less. 

You can map the delay on/off properties of the IDC to math or function parameter channels in your application.  You can then use the function selector property of the function parameter or math channel to control what delay is used.

That is something I never thought of/used before. Thanks for your help