MC43Slave no contact

claudio 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated 3 years ago 4

no contact.docx
no contact.docx

Hi, are you all right?

I have this problem in the configuration below, which is the application for our double engine car.

At the insertion of the battery disconnect of the 1 st engine the alarm "mc43slave no contact" is activated because the other engine compartment has not yet disconnected battery on .

The two engine compartments have a distance of about 15mt .

You can avoid or delay this.

Is there a software command to send by can to accept and reset this alarm from another device (the Remote Control)?


You could make it optional but then this message will never show up.

Is it possible to use the j1939 bus instead of the master bus to communicate between md3 and mc34?


You can switch User Interface-> Deactivation to Yes which will make any error message disappear on its own when the fault goes away. The warning will go away once the MC43 comes online.