Samsung Active Tab 2 with Android 9 Device is not compatible

Aaron McCaul 3 years ago in IQANgo updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 3 years ago 6

Hi, our construction plant field service engineers use the Samsung Active Tab 2 tablets for Mecalac dumpers as example, but one will not download the IQANGO app. It will though download the IQANRUN app, but as soon as you click go to IQANRUN it again says the device is not compatible. It does though work fine on other engineers running the same tablet. I have checked for all software updates, I have cleared google store cache and data, I have factory reset the tablet, but still when I search in google for IQANGO app and click install, it takes me to Playstore and says device is not compatible. Can anyone help with a workaround, or advise is it simply not possible?


The latest version of IQANgo is 64-bit only. The Samsung Active Tab 2 is 32-bit. 

The other engineers are probably running an older version of IQANgo. The last version with 32-bit support was 6.05. You can check the app version under Tools > Options on the main screen. 

Thank you Ulrik, so is it possible to download and install just 6.05 somehow? 

No, Google Play does not allow multiple versions for a single app, unfortunately.

Hello again, I have checked one of the working tablets and yes it is running 6.05.29

So if we can download this version or similar it would help?

Could I perhaps download 6.05 from the Parker site somewhere to a windows laptop, and install it to the tablet that way?