External Buttons Skipping Controls 6.06

Chris Litwin 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated 3 years ago 4

I was messing around with external buttons and button controls. I'm experiencing odd behavior in 6.06 and 5.08. Version 6.06 is skipping button controls when you use the up and down so you can't select everything. It also is selecting controls that are not setup in the list of button controls. In version 5.08 the up and down are working in the opposite direction. I based the two files off of another I found in the forum.

MD4-5 external buttons 6.06.idsx

MD4-5 external buttons 5.08.idsx

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6.06.10 or 6.06.14? 

Simulator or real system?

If using simulator, 6.06.7 or 6.06.10 ?

The problem sounds a lot like one that existed in IQANdesign 6.06.10 and IQANsimulate 6.06.7

It is in simulator. Design 6.06.14 and Simulator 6.06.7. Upgrading simulator seemed to fix it. The up and down are reversed though, like how it is working in 5.08. Maybe that is how it should work?

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Ok, then it is clear it was the bug that existed in IQANdesign 6.06.10 and IQANsimulate 6.06.7, that was fixed in IQANdesign 6.06.14 /IQANsimulate 6.06.10

The "up" button will move to the next button control in the list defined under external button controls. You can rearrange the order to match the position on the display page: 

Ok, that makes sense. Thank you.