Generic RTSP stream url

C. Harp 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated 3 years ago 1

Does anyone have a generic url to listen to an rtsp stream? I have a Churchill/Shotover DVR that outputs an RTSP stream. 
I am able into input the IP address and connect with the DVR stream with VLC but can’t get anywhere on the MD4. 

I have had success with an acts camera when using their url etc. this brand doesn’t specify a URL and thought there might be something generic I could try. 

Had a typo or two but not able to edit previous post. 

To clarify. I am able to view the stream on a laptop via VLC player. I am limited in my knowledge on how the VLC stream works. However, when I have been able to make the stream function, it is by simply typing in the IP address from the DVR to function like a camera. 
the MD4 does not recognize it however.