Get external Function files from Hardware

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Is there a way to get each external function as an "idex file" from a MC43(FS)? It would be nice to implement this capability if it doesn't exist.

Consider a project with five files (mainlogic.idax, joystick.idex, steering.idex, powertrain.idex, and transmission.idex);

"Get Project" only return mainlogic.idax with missing external file warnings.   

See below for some contextual information.

1. From IQANdesign 6.06, I executed "Get Project" on a legacy MC43(FS). When I opened the retrieved project, the warning "Missing External Files" was displayed. From the project manager (on the left), if I click "External Functions," metadata such as Name, Order, Status, File version, Description,  and file paths of each external function is displayed. However, the individual files cannot be found. 

2. From the application logic, I can browse to each external function instance, but the background is grayed out. 

I am in a situation where the original design is only on a legacy MC43(FS).How can I extract these external functions in their original format?  I would like to reuse them in other projects. Any suggestions or work around will be greatly appreciated. 




Two options to try.

Option 1

1. Save a copy of your project (just in case).

2. Go to your External Functions and delete (brake) EFG file paths.

3. Once file paths are deleted, your actual EFG within the application will no longer be grayed out allowing you to make logic changes.

4. You can export or copy EFG to separate application and either make it EFG or part of your solution library. 

Option 2

1. Highlight EFG within your application logic

2. Click File, Export, Export Components.

3. Save as .......



Hi Paul, 

Thank you. The instructions are very helpful.