MD4 GUI crash with Gauge inside group

Pierre Fagrell 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 3

I have an MD4-7 application with a gauge inside a group. It does not matter if there are other things inside the group or just the gauge.

As soon as the MD4 boots it will stop at the boot logo, the rest of the GUI will not load.

Also it is not possible to send a new application while the logo is displayed unless you first "Start measurement".

Simulator crashes also with error 80000003

I will send in a bug report from the simulator aswell.

Satisfaction mark by Pierre Fagrell 2 years ago

We do have an issue if controls are not placed on a layer that sounds a lot like the one you are describing. Make sure that you have at least one layer on the page and move all the controls to layers.

The problematic group was indeed added to the root of the page. Making a layer and moving it there solved the problem.

This is an old application and many display pages have no layers at all.

Interestingly it seems then that this statement from the manual is not correct: "Layers are only used at design-time, they have no function in run-time."


Fixed in 6.08

55040Simulate and display page crash when control is not on a layer
Added project check and prevented dragging controls outside layers.