uniCAN.dll reloaded ok. ERR_DLL_NOT_INITIALIZED

Brendon 2 years ago in IQANrun updated 2 years ago 2

Has anyone come across this error in IQANRun?

uniCAN.dll reloaded ok. ERR_DLL_NOT_INITIALIZED

At this time I don't have any more info than that, but I can try to get the IQAN version, possibly the device they're connecting to, and the device they're using to connect.

Any ideas?

What CAN adapter do you use?

If you have the drivers for Vansco DLA installed and have selected RP1210 as type and adapter as "first available", but do not have the adapter plugged in, you can have this error message: 

This error message will remain in the status indication for the communication interface. 

uniCAN.dll reloaded OK is a message you get when you have CAN selected as interface and click on the box for communication interface. It can be a good step if you plug in your CAN adapter to the PC after starting IQANrun. 

Thanks for you reply Gustav.

I am attempting to help someone that is helping someone with this issue.

So I'll try to provide what I can.  

They are connecting to an MD4 with the following:

- DPA5 connection

- cnh part number is 380002884

- has also 5c-0821-0384

They are using a New Holland application I'm unfamiliar with, it appears to open IQAN Run.  Then in IQAN they get this warning. I'm not sure if it is causing any interference.  I've asked them to run IQAN on it's own without this John Deere app, but haven't heard back.

Here is a screen shot they provided.

I've forwarded this link to conversation to the person I'm assisting.  So they may jump in and be able to provide more details.