IQANdesign 6.07 with XC4 FS certification

Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated 2 years ago 6

Functional safety certification of IQAN-XC4

The IQAN-XC41, IQAN-XC42 and IQAN-XC43 expansion modules have been safety certified to IEC 61508 SIL 2, the same level as the IQAN-MC4xFS master modules.

When controlled by an IQAN-MC4xFS, the expansions can be used in safety functions with required Performance Level up to ISO 13849-1 PLd.

Existing XC41, XC42 and XC43 modules are covered by the certification by updating to XC4 firmware version 1.03, this is done automatically when the master modules have version 6.07 or newer.

Image 2897

See IQAN-MC4x/XC4x user manual for certificate and updated instructions.

In the system layout, modules certified for functional safety are denoted FS. 

Image 2900

Other updates IQANdesign 6.07

Property to disable C4x DOUT/PWM out HS open load detection

Image 2898

Implemented for single pin high-side DOUT and PWM out on MC4x/XC4x. 

Enable smaller loads on C4x DOUT HS+LS

Lowest load for MC4xFS/XC4x DOUT HS+LS in safety functions has been changed from 60 mA to 40 mA. 

See C4x-SMR-030:C in the IQAN-MC4x/XC4x user manual.

Also see IQANdesign release notes

I am running into an issue where even though i have updated the master modules with 6.08, the expansion module (i believe) is showing that it needs an update when measure is on. I see the text "Firmware up..." but cant read more or get a popup to show what the full message is. 

From what I can tell, the system sees the module and no errors... however i have a couple of inputs that i know should be indicating as high and they are not indicating at all. Not sure if the inputs not reading is related to the firmware message. 

Any help appreciated. Thank you!

Version 6.07 contain a firmware update for the XC4x. The update is done automatically by the master module, but the XC4x needs to be powered up at the same time (or before) the master in order for the FW update to succeed. 

Version 6.08 has a new status for expansion modules, "firmware update". This is indicating a firmware update is needed. The master will make a new attempt at every startup. 

I was able to resolve after realizing that the expansion modules were on a switched power source that is controlled by the master module. Therefore they were turning off during a program update, the expansions were not communicating with the MC module.

 I temporarily moved it to constant power but concerned about future firmware changes. This is a major concern for all machines that have expansion modules on a seperate power source like mine is. 

I think it is a good idea to have a plan for how to power XC4x expansions for future firmware updates. 

There will probably not be that many XC4x firmware updates, but at least one more update is planned. 

Why is the XC44 module not IEC 61508 SIL 2 certified?

The main reason is the cost and complexity of certifying a product. 

An addition to that, the extra DOUTs on an XC44 (5 Digital out high-side) were not designed for safety functions. XC44 has the same number of Digital out HS+LS as an XC43, but none of the COUTs.

Therefore, an XC44 would not have given any additional safe outputs compared to the XC43.