Md4 and frequency

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It is possible to measure a frequency with a md4 ?


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you have one input for that. It is bidirectional, so with a sensor and two shifted outputs you also get the direction.

This is the spec:

When i want build my project whith this option, I have a error message.

I tried this yesterday too, and received the same error. It would be nice to have the MD4 accept a frequency input. I'm running IQAN 4.0.

Ok, I get the same message. Sorry, didn't checked that earlier.

I am sure, someone from the IQAN-Team can help us.

About the property "frequency/direction" on the DPCNT, this is for using an older type of directional sensors, where one signal is used for frequncy, and an on-off signal is used for direction. It is actually only the XA2 expansion that has support for this kind of sensor.

On all other IQAN modules with DPCNT, the channel expects a pair of phase-shifted signals.

The DPCNT input on the MD4 is designed to be used as an input for rotary encoders, for example to control the meny system without using the touch. The hardware on the MD4 that counts the pulses is limited to signals of max 500 Hz frequency (assuming MR is 50%), that is why we did not make the same pins configurable as FIN or DFIN.

It would have been nice with a proper frequncy input on the MD4, but the hardware does not support it. The most cost effective way to add FIN to your system would be to add an XC21 or XC22