IQANrun times out

Pawel Pekala 2 years ago in IQANrun updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 1

I noticed that IQANrun times out and disconnects from the master module when two conditions exist:

1. While accessing a large measure group.

2. While accessing J1939 device to view assigned messages under the system layout tab.

How many components are you trying to measure on? 

A quick way to check is to open the application in IQANdesign, select the measure group and module and Ctrl-A select all items. 

On what communication interface do you see this? 

What type of master module? 

What cycle time and cycle utilization is there on the master module? 

It sounds as if the master module has limited time and/or bandwith on the communications interface to respond with the measure packages to IQANrun on time.