G11 "no master module availible"

Jasper de Stigter 2 years ago in IQANgo updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 2

When connecting with IQANgo the machine name can be selected and the app tries to get in contact with the master but then comes up with "no master module found" 

In this case we have MD4-7[0] and the diagnostics are connected to bus-D as well as the G11 module, via can-D i have communication through J1939 with MD4-7[1] who runs his own program and sends/recieves through J1939 as well. 

The G11 seems to have a conflict in choosing the master as the second display is on the same bus as the G11, when disconnecting the second MD4-7[1] the connection can be made without anny problem.

Below is only to explian the situation, MD4-7[0] has a different application as the MD4-7[1]

Image 2939


Consider a layout as depicted below.

All modules need to be connected together on the "Master" bus.  It is acceptable to have both "Master" and "Diag" connected to the same CAN ports.  The "Master" bus is typically connected to port "A".  The Master Module will have a Source Address of 0.

Adding another IQAN system to the bus with the G11 will not work. 

As Mike G wrote, the best approach is to combine the two MD4 applications in one project file, that way they can share the gateway. 

An alternative for single master applications is that each has its own G11, on a diagnostics bus isolated from the other.