MC41 Settings Overflow

Ryan Mathews 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 3

I am receiving this settings overflow message via (1 long amber flash, followed my 4 short amber flashes). Any idea as to what could be causing this?

This is a different error than calculation overflow, which I am familiar with.

Thank you for the help!

It sounds as if your application is using too much settings memory. 

Project statistics will show a total estimate, and it shows the name of individual adjust items and stored channels. 

Since you are having this blink code on the module, there is a chance the actual settings memory use is so large IQANdesign is unable to estimate the settings memory usage. 

In that case you have an error shown in the statistics, and at least one warning in the project check. 

IQANsimulate will then also be unable to simulate the application. 

If you run out of settings memory in a small MC41 application, the most plausible explanations are loads of text parameters or very large arrays. 


Thank you very much for the prompt reply Gustav!  I will investigate the program and see what I find...I'm guessing its the array/lookup table that's causing the issue.