Change channel type after placement

Roy den Drijver 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated 2 years ago 2

I think it would be useful to make it possible to change the channel type after placing the channel in the system. The idea is that there is a generic channel type in which you can choose the channel type. For example, an integer math channel is inserted into the layout and for some reason, this has to become a digital channel but the channel objects have to be roughly the same. In this case, I think a dropdown menu in the parameter menu in which you could select a channel type would be useful instead of going through the hassle of creating the digital channel, copying the values from the integer math channel to the new channel, and then deleting the integer math channel.

I realize that there is a replace function for replacing some of the channel types but I would see this as an adjustment or an addon to this already existing functionality. 

I hope my idea makes sense and that this is useful for the further development of the IQANdesign platform. You are already doing a great job at making an intuitive and easy-to-understand IDE.

Kind regards.

Sometimes I think it could be nice to have a quick way of replacing a channel of value type Real and Integer. 

But I find it harder to understand the example here, with an integer replaced by a boolean? 

I understand, in my case, this happens when the exact functionality of the software is still to be defined and I am already making an alpha software version. In some cases this means that an integer ends up only having the value 0 or 1 which means a boolean would do the same trick with less data reservation. I hope this clarifies my example.