Gauge Control radius and position change if different language is selected

Daniel Winger 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 12

All Gauge Controls in my program change position and radius if a different language is selected.

This issue appears in IQANdesign 6.06 & 6.07.

The issue can be seen in the simulator and on the machine.

The Gauge Controls are:

 - visible based on an IDC

- controlled by a MAC limited from 0 <-> 360 degrees

- Radius:110, Clockwise: Yes

- Min angle: 60, Max angle: 120, Min value: 0, Max value: 360, Tick count: 6, Show labels: No

- Scale color: White

- Needle: Color: $FF1DB9FF, Length: 1, Base width:1, Tip width: 1 

 - Anchor: Color: $FF1DB9FF, Width:5

If I change the Visible condition, Input channel, location or radius the issue still exists.

I have the same problem. The Celsius values change size and move around.


When you say values move, is it the labels on the gauge you mean? 

Under review


Thank you for providing the details on how the gauge control is configured. 

I checked and was able to reproduce in 6.05

It is the font that changes and makes it look like it is moving them. I cannot find where to change the metric font.



I think the changed font when changing language is a different problem than the original post. Check the font property on the language to see if these are different. 


Problem with distorted gauge fixed in 6.08


Yes, my initial problem was in the Langauge FONT selected was Arial for English and Arial Black for Meteric!

Now the Gauges labels for each tick mark are shifted down. Look at the differences in the labels from above to below. I am now in Design 6.08

Under review

Thank you, I was able to confirm the problem with the gauge labels in 6.08.22

Is there a solution to this issue?

We are also running on 6.08.22.


We are planning to release a fix for this in a 6.08.x release.