J1939 import: DP bit of PGN

Richard Gagnardot 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated 2 years ago 2


Yesterday, I tried to import a J1939 dbc but I had an issue. I have 2 IDs,  CEFD1EF and DEFD1EF, with the PGN EF00 and 1EF00. When I try to import these 2 messages, I get a random result: I sometimes obtain 2 messages with the data mixed on eachother, or 1 message with the data of the 2 messages, and the PGN read by Iqan Design is always EF00 (61184). 

The work around I found is to import the messages with PGN 1EF00 and change the PGN imported from 61184 to 126720, then import the message with PGN EF00.

I concluded that the DP bit is not read or not correctly imported. In your opinion, is that an importation bug or a bad DBC configuration?

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Perfect timing on this question, I am just going through 6.08 release notes where we have a fix for DP bit in DBC import. 

So it is a bug, fixed in 6.08. 

The release is still a few days away. 

Oh, good, thank you for your quick answer!