IQANgo 6.08

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Support for IQAN-G12

The IQAN-G12 is a new version of the G11 CAN-Bluetooth adapter, with increased speed, range and enabling enhanced security.

Image 3004

IQAN-G12, next version of CAN to Bluetooth gateway

Pairing with G12

When connecting to an IQAN-G12 for the first time, pairing is required.

Image 3005

In systems created with IQANdesign 6.08 or newer, pairing enable and passkey is controlled by IQANdesign properties. See IQANdesign 6.08 news post. If the IQAN-G12 is used in a system with 6.07, the passkey is all zeroes but pairing is only temporary.

GUI improvements

Send to machine, Send button is moved to the line with the selected file.

Image 3006

Send to machine confirmation dialog now show firmware versions of both file and the system that is about to be updated.

Image 3008

Android specific updates

Increased minimum version

Minimum android version is increased to Android 9. Users of Android 7 and 8 can continue to use IQANgo 6.07.

Export file and Import file in Files manager task menu

Image 3009

With Import file, one or more files in a folder or another app such as Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive can be selected.

With Export file, the selected file can exported to the Downloads folder on the device.

iOS specific updates

Shortcut to the Files app added to the Files manager.

Available on Google Play and Apple App Store

IQANgo - Apps on Google Play

IQANgo on the App Store (apple.com)

Any news when the G12 is available?

The IQAN-G12 is now available (in limited volumes)

An updated version 6.08.30 is now available on App Store and Google Play.

For iOS, this version solves a problem with WiFi permissions on iOS 16.