Dynamic Channel Names

Chris Litwin 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated 2 years ago 2

Is it possible to add the ability to define channel names dynamically with text parameters? It's nice to have one IQAN application that controls multiple configurations of the same machine. I know we could generically name the channels, but it really helps the serviceability to title the channels based on function or component.

I think it could be quite tricky to have the value of another channel as name. 

Maybe this idea could work if name and captions were separated (like on some display controls), but that would eat memory. 

But we do have some ideas on more efficient ways of defining machine variants. If it is for variants that are set for a specific machine and does not change, maybe some future idea on variant handling could solve this. 

Or something similar to how the different language options change the name.

Yeah, it would be for machine variants.