How to replace a master module in an existing project

Samuel Pittet 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated 2 years ago 2

Hi, I have a project built around a MC43. I would like to copy this existing project and replace the MC43 with a MC43-FS. How this can be done within IQANdesign?


I think these steps should cover it all: 

1. In the system layout, add the new module. Manually set the module properties, e.g. address. 

2. Select the application belonging to the original module. Mark all channels (Ctrl-A) and drag-drop to move the application of the new modules application. By moving instead of copying, all references to other parts of the project are maintained. 

Check the application cycle time on the original module, and set this on the new module. 

3. Select the block diagram of the original module. 

Check if any pin properties (e.g. PWM frequency or DOUT undercurrent detect) differ from default. 

Mark all channels (Ctrl-A), and drag-drop to move to the new module. When you drop channels on a module with identical pins that have all pins free to begin with, channels will maintain their pin positions. But do check that the channels are in fact on the correct pin positions. Manually set the pin properties.

4. In the system layout, select the line for buses that is connected to the original module, and drag these one by one to the new module.  

5. For each log that belongs to the original module, create a new log on the new module with the same properties, mark all log items and copy paste to the corresponding log on the new module. 

6. Delete the old module. 

7. Run project check. 

When you are changing to an MC43 to MC43FS, there is probably at least one safety function that needs to be implemented. Depending on how the MC43 was used, you will probably need to make some changes to meet the MC4xFS safety manual  requirements also. For example, marking function groups with safety functions as safety related. 

Hi, thank you for that detailed reply. I did these steps and it worked well. I didn't try a "Check Projet" yet (because the rest of the project isn't complete), but it should be fine.

Have a good day!