Better text formatting

David Dahlgren 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated by toby 2 years ago 1

I wish it was easier to handle Text formatting. 

Text parameter channel (TP) do not have channels as inputs, which makes it difficult. For example if I want to display a numerical value if the sensor is connected and "not connected" if it is not connected, this is impossible (atleast I can't find out how to do it).

Is there a reason for this. I want to display text or a value or a text, I have to hide the one not shown.

Image 3045

Image 3046


This also took me a while to find a nice solution but the way I do this is using a State machine channel to controls a State parameter channel, where you can mix numeric values and text values and then you link the state parameter channel to a Value Control in your display.