Add number of build

Florent Mirieu de Labarre 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by David Dahlgren 4 months ago 5


We can add the version of project in project protertie, it is okay, but the number of version don't encrease automaticly. It is possible to add the number of build and it encreased automaticly at each saving (or each hour, each days or each send). Like that I will now which build is in the product.


Good idea, I find that it is easy to make changes and forget to update the version number in project properties.
A hint for getting unique identification of the version of the project file could be to look at the Project Checksum.
This is not incremental like a build number is, but it is automatically recalculated for any change you make to the Project file.

Project Cheksum is great but is not incremental ... and it is impossible to know which is the last build (except you write each time the cheksum in excel file ...). Your software use build number why not our ?
Under review
I like this idea. The automatic increment could probably be based on number of saves since you changed the manual version. Since there is no build of the project file, the number of saves could fit the same purpose for version tracking. Adding something else, such as total number of days since created (like for the IQAN PC tools) could increase the chances of having a unique incremental number.

Perhaps one idea would be to have a prompt whenever you save the project, where you select if you want to increase the version number or not.