MD3 and XA2

Klaus Gottwald 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated by andyr 2 years ago 1

We are an electronic repair/service company. We have 7pcs of XA2 modules in that are faulty and need repair. I have an MD3 screen available. What version Iqan develop software do I need to write a little test application so that I can turn outputs ON and OFF to test the XA2 modules?

Iqan develop is an older software for a previous generation of Iqan hardware- you will need to purchase a license of Iqan Design software for your units. Note that both the MD3 and XA2 are now considered legacy products not for new applications. The current version of Iqan (V6.x) does not support these legacy products but your license will allow you to install older versions that still support these older units.