IQAN instead of J1939 or CANopen (radio remote)

NEricson 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 9 months ago 5

I have seen a few radio receiver models that have IQAN as an option for control (instead of J1939 or CANopen). Has anyone done this? How is this implemented? Explain to me whats going on.

I edited the title to include "radio remote"

Back when we had the IQAN-MDM with only one CAN bus, we developed a protocol called "XR" for radio remotes to be used on the IQAN expansion bus.

This was carried over to IQANdesign, and has been available up to IQANdesign 5, even though the master modules have multiple CAN buses and easily integrate J1939 or CANopen devices. 

There are two limitations with the XR protocol that made us decide it was time to stop using it in new versions. 

One limitation is that the XR-protocol only took commands and did not have functionality for sending messages to the display on the remote. 

The other limitation is that the protocol was not designed with the diagnostic checks that are needed for safety certification. A receiver with J1939-76 will solve this. 

For safety, my recommendation is to look for radio remotes where the receiver is offered with J1939-76 functionality. 

Hello Gustav, re-reading my post and I realized I mis-typed. I meant to type Parker ICP. Parker ICP is an option next to CAN-open and J1939. Im curious how that works.


That is the same thing. In IQANdevelop and IQANdesign, the module type was XR.

"ICP" is just the name for the expansion bus protocol that the XR radio was coexisting with. 

Unfortunately, I purchased a remote configured for ICP but using Design 6. Is my understanding correct that this type of receiver no longer supported?

Yes, that is correct, the XR protocol is outdated.