I/O Status & DM1 Messages

Gord 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 1


I am attempting to setup DM1 Out messages in a project utilizing a MC43 and running into a few challenges. 

1. How can I propagate the status of a I/O to a Math or IDC channel? I am mapping a I/O to intermediate channels so that a single application can support multiple machine models and hardware layouts. The Math/IDC channel have a Equipment Model configured as a function selector. I want to use that Math/IDC channel then in the DM1 Out container as a Status type so that a FMI can be set based on the status of the actual I/O.

Is there a way do this?

If would be nice if StatusOf(VIN-A:MC43FS[0]) spit out a integer which could be used in the FMI field of a Value type DM1 out.

2. I've noticed that I get a project error if I create a Status DM1 out and a Value DM1 out that use the same SPN number. It would be nice if you could mix these as long as the FMI configured for the Value type did not overlap with the FMIs used in the Status Type. Is there a possible way to have a Status and Value type DM1 out that utilizes the same SPN number?

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The way I can think of is to use multiple IDC:s with one for each plausible status, and a fallback to a generic FMI e.g. 11 for all other statuses. 

But that does of course mean a lot of channel, one for each DTC, which is not very efficient.