Using the RTC inside design functions/channels and Qcode, and historical datalogging

Andy 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated 2 years ago 2

Hi Guys

Im relatively new and a bit surprised that many of the IQAN modules contain Real Time Clocks that are potentially set with current date and time but nothing in Qcode or design is set up to allow use of that time? (I think)

Let me give you a scenario, Im building a system for managing a  mobile grinding plant where the onboard engine is circa 1200hp. Engines that big need Prelude to be provided before start for the first time of the day, or after its been sitting for more than about 3 hours without the engine running.  This avoids teh damage to the bearing surfaces on components that weigh large amounts and over time standing still will exclude lubrication from the bearing surfaces due weight of components.  The thing is that the engine not running occurs at the same time that the iqan modules may well have been shutdown. So only a RTC will understand the amount of time that has passed since the engine last ran. I can probably add a canbus module that has an accessable RTC but why do I need to do this???

I can cheat and just run prelube every time for say 60 seconds before start, but I don't see why I should have to do that when its not necessary. I could also use other things like residual oil temp or residual coolant temp to determine approx when it was last run or to at least save prelube cycles for shutdowns that are less than 15 mins in length

SO is the RTC functionality I'm looking for truly not present or is there some other way of dealing with this that Ive completely missed? 



Hi Andy,

This can be accessed through a System information channel (SIC).

There is a solution in the library that will help you get the time and date:


Thanks Tim, That covered exactly what I needed.