SV Camera Power Cycle

Lars Bolduc 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Pierre Fagrell 2 years ago 3


I have an SV Camera and an MD4-7 on separate power supplies.
They're communicating over a wireless link.

If I power up the SV Camera before I power up the MD4, it never links up. Always shows 'No Contact' for the camera.

Is there a way to avoid Power Cycling the camera?

I could see a static IP avoiding the need for the DHCP process, but I don't believe you can configure the SV Camera to have a static IP.

Hello Lars,

  I don't have the answer to your question but I too have an application that needs a wireless video link.  How can we pair up offline to compare notes?

And I do know that you cannot and do not need to set a static IP on the SV Camera.  I have used other third-party cameras that I pre-config into an unmanaged EtherNET switch on hard waired and things work fine.


From my local rep: "The MD4 and the SV camera need to power up at the same time, or the SV camera needs to power up after the MD4 for the handshaking to work properly. There is no way to assign a static IP to the SV camera.

I’m not sure what your system looks like, but if you can control the power up sequence of the supplies, it would work."


This "wireless link" depending on what operating system it runs it might be able to act as a dhcp proxy or to reboot the SV camera if it boots after the MD4. This does require some networking and/or Linux knowledge though.