Save an IQANrun Settings file in other formats

Kerry Brock 2 years ago in IQANrun updated by Jean-Philippe Parent 1 month ago 3

I am working with a file that has many settings and it would be nice to be able to save the settings file in a format that would allow saving in a spreadsheet.  This would allow a user to be able to sort through the information much easier.  Is there currently a way to save a settings file in a spreadsheet or similar format; any type of workaround to get the settings file information into a spreadsheet?

I might be wrong but I believe if you use IQANScript to pull the settings file(.irs) it is readable in notepad++ etc. Where in IQAN run there isn't a way to save it like that. Again I may be wrong.

Not sure that helps you much. 

We are also looking for a way to automate pulling settings or clones from machines in test bays to a central server for storage but the lack of open API's is hurting. 

There is no function for saving settings files in other format. 

(there are functions for saving logs and measure groups in other formats, that might be where the confusion comes from) 

What you could do with IQANscript is to read individual parameters, copy these to script variables and then save these to  text files. 

I'm bumping this request. I came to the same conclusion, and when trying to implement reading and saving each adjust parameter, it takes forever. Why does get settings take 0.5sec and reading individual parameter takes 1+sec per parameter? I have over 250parameters to gather and it is a problem.