IQANdesign 6.06 hiding images from folder Image library

Tony Hennum 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 6

When importing a program designed in a version of IQAN Design earlier than 6.08 all existing image libraries appear to be removed during the import.

The images previously added to the display pages still remain and function as normal, but the library images they are linked to appear to be removed and all library groups are absent.

This sounds like the functionality for library image group that was implemented in IQANdesign 6.06

This is how it is described in Release notes for 6.06

53331Improve library image group
Image library group hidden to avoid duplicates in drop down menus.
Library image group images that are not available from drop down menus moved to "Library image group (legacy)"

The library images you have on the display pages are not removed, only hidden. 

What is not described in the release notes is that IQANdesign 6.06 (and later) will clean up unused library images, if these are located in the group Library image group (legacy).

Hi Gustav,

That may be the case, but I still don't have any image libraries in my project after the import to 6.08. If there is a legacy image group, it is not where I would expect it to be in either the project manager or the system menus. Below is a snip of a program that has images still functional on the display pages, but there are no image libraries remaining, legacy or otherwise, after the migration to 6.08.

I have confirmed the same behavior going from a program started in 6.05 migrating to 6.07 as well, so it may be that it was implemented in 6.06 as you stated, but it seems to have unintended side effects.

If all the images in the project are library images from 6.05, this is expected. 

All library images available from dropdown menus since the extended SVG support and image library cleanup in 6.05 are hidden in 6.06.

If you started from 6.04 or older, and for example used an library image imported as PNG or BMP with the "Resize and Convert Image" dialog, you would see this in the Library image group (legacy). 

For clarification, the missing images and libraries are predominantly custom graphics (both vector and raster images), not solely images from the built-in drop down libraries. Certainly there would have been a few ISO images used, but the majority used in all the programs I have tested have been custom graphics.

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Thank you Tony, now I understand what happened in your project file.

Between versions 5.04 and 6.05 it was possible to manually add your own images to the Library image group. 

This was not how we expected this image group to be used, but there was nothing preventing it. 

In version 5.04, the Library image group that contain images from the drop-down menu was made visible.

The idea was to make it easier to add multiple images with different size. 

27738Image library: Cannot add same image with different size/color
Images added from the image library using the drop down menus of the display page editor is now added to an image group called "Library Images". Adding the same image again will add a new instance that can have different size/color.

In version 6.06, this method for managing multiple versions of a library image was no longer needed, and we could hide that image group again. 

53331Improve library image group
Image library group hidden to avoid duplicates in drop down menus.
Library image group images that are not available from drop down menus moved to "Library image group (legacy)"

But as you shown, there is a problem with the upgrade. If you have manually added images to the Library image group, these are not moved to the visible "Library image group (legacy)".

One workaround could be to use 6.05 or earlier, add a separate image group and move your custom images to that group before upgrading to 6.06. 

An alternative if you have already made other changes in versions 6.06-6.08 would be to add a separate image group, add your custom images from file again, and replace the image references on all display controls. 

While you do this, you will start seeing IQANdesign project check hints about "unused component", but after saving and reopening IQANdesign will clear unused images. 

In case you have trouble locating the original files for your custom graphics, you could open the project file in 6.05 and export these to file.