Include unit in DBC export

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I've stumbled upon something that maybe you guys could clarify or just acknowledge:

I exported a Generic Frame(GFIN) with associated Generic Parameters(GPINs) to a DBC-file but the units for the parameters don't get exported. Everything else works just fine!

I selected the GFIN in the Function Group and then clicked "File" -> "Export" -> "Export CAN database..." and saved the file but upon opening it the units for the parameters are nowhere to be seen.

Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong?

I am using IQANdesign

Thanks in advance!

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I can confirm the DBC export does not include unit. 

When importing from DBC you get the unit, but not when exporting. 

It is not specific for generic frames, existing versions of IQANdesign has the same limitation for exporting J1939 to DBC.

Ok, thanks for confirming! I will export the DBC from IQANdesign and open it in CANdb++ for manual editing in the meantime. Because...you will be implementing it, right?

It's hard to tell from your answer if it's a conscious limitation or something that is being worked on :)

I think it is more that this is a DBC feature that was overlooked when we made the first implementation of DBC export. Probably a small addition to thrown in the next time we make an update to the DBC export and import functionality, but not something we are currently working on. 

Related to this, there are two DBC feature requests on the backlog: 

DBC enumerators (value tables) import request / Software / IQAN

Generic CAN Channels Using Resolution and Offset from DBC File / Software / IQAN

Ah, thank you for clarifying Gustav. I will be "sitting calmly in the boat" in a SweEnglish manner until the functionality is implemented and rely on manual labour in the meantime :)


In IQANdesign 7.00

57308Include unit in DBC export