Adjust parameter is disabled in MD4 when out of range

toby 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Lars Bolduc 2 years ago 3

So we are running into an issue where we have an integer adjust parameter that had a range of 0-400 and we decided to change the range to 0-60, but if we update systems that have a value set greater than 60 then the adjustment slider in the MD4 is disabled and you cannot set the value, without going through the IQAN go app to force the parameter into the range. Is there a way to either have it set the parameter to either the max value or to the default value during an update? Preferably it would just keep the value and allow you to update using the slider, jumping into the new range. Thanks

Not sure if you saw this, but what happens when an adjust item is out of range is that the channel gets the error stats Out of range

This error disables the slider.

You can correct it by connecting with the adjust menu from IQANrun or IQANgo, and also from the MD4 via the adjust menu.

So the service technician who performs the field update should be able to fix this. 

One way to make it easier to perform a field on both logic and parameter values is to prepare a script that includes both the update and that can also resets the parameter. Requires that the update is made with IQANrun. 


Thanks for your respponse. Yes I realize it's being disabled due to the out of range error, though I think the slider should not be disabled when in the error state, since it makes it very inconvenient to fix the error. We don't allow direct access to the adjust menus on the MD4 and most of our clients don't have access to iqan run, to run a script. So for now if it occurs we can only do it manually through IQAN go, which is fine, though it'd be nice not to have to inconvenience our clients/technicians, if this error occurs.

I'm shocked to see this posted, because I was about to post this as well.

We had a state parameter with 6 states, which had the 6th state selected. The new program it was reduced to 4 states, so it locked out the state parameter adjust because it was out of range.

My thought is it is obviously the designers intent for the value to be within range, so in my eyes IQAN should delete the saved value and replace it with the default if it was out of range. Never having to lockout the sliders.

But if that is not desired to some, at least not locking out the sliders would be preferred.