Connecting 2 master controllers

Kudzanai Bhebhe 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated 2 years ago 5

Hie guys....I'm designing an iQAN system with 2 master controllers...the MD4-7 and MC43. Have ordered an XC43 but it will take time to be delivered so need to use MC43 as an expander. The MC43 module is blinking red twice and yellow 3 times. Measured resistance bettween CANH and CANL with modules powered off and it was 2.3K and with modules ON was around 120 ohms. Kindly assist 

You can terminate the bus in the Iqan Master Module with software settings which is the equivalent of adding the termination resistor to those buses at that module.  I believe they default

to terminated when off.

Thanks Michael. Im also trying to simulate my digital inputs to the MD4  master so i connected switch that is switching 0 and 4.9V to pin 7 of the MD4. Ddnt get any response. Is that controller compatible with any other hardware circuitry or only parker sensors and switches?

I don't see a error code for the MC43 where it blinks with the code 2x red 3x yellow, did you make sure that the address of one of the controllers is 0 and the other one is the same address corresponding to its IdTag. Otherwise, more information would be useful.

Thanks i managed to get comms.....Address high on my MC43 wasnt making contact on the plug so had to push the pin all the way in