Out-of-loop code execution

Johan Palm 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated 2 years ago 2

This may not at all be the intended purpose of the IQAN ecosystem, but have you ever considered implementing the possibility to execute code outside of and in parallel with the control system loop?

This would greatly expand the usage potential of the system, as it could allow for such things as big integer computations, string manipulation, cryptography, more advanced protocols for data exchange built on top of CAN, etc.

The interface between the control system application and the out-of-loop thread could be similar to the JFIN/JFOUT structure, i.e. the control system loop could "transmit" and "receive" data to/from the thread. Code could be written in a superset of QCode, or maybe in C.


Matlab via Simulink can run on one of the 3 processor threads on the MD3's.

Thanks for the reply Michael, that possibility went past me, I guess we can immediately close this thread :)

Here are a couple of links for reference: