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MD4-7 Dialog Box : ReActivation and Scroll ?

Julian Robinson 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated 2 years ago 2

Hi there, I am wondering if anyone can help me with a feature I really think is important:

I use 2x MD4-7 displays (and 3x MC43's) in a Multi Masters system

What I want is to recall the Dialogue Box or Conditional Message for all active "System", "Engine DM01" or "CMSG" generated errors/faults/messages etc, with a single button - any active fault message that would appear within the dialogue box on the screen.

Then I want to scroll through these messages without accepting them/cancelling them with the cross on the (RHS Top) box with a forward, backwards button etc, before eventually cancelling the on screen dialogue box all together (with or without accepting the faults). This I feel is a really important feature. People want to know all the active faults/message of the entire system, but without them disappearing altogether from the screen before the information is understood.

There is a timer to re activate the dialogue box, but this is really not a good option. I need a recall on demand, not a timer.

I see this on other engine displays (Murphy etc). So far I cant figure this out, so of anyone knows how to do this it would be great!

Otherwise, this is a really good feature to add to new feature request list please?



Under review

We have had a couple of request for similar functionality, not for a reactivation or browsing through messages, but for an active errors list. Similar to what you can see in IQANrun, or more like the DM1 viewer. 

Would an active errors list solve the need?

Hi Gustov.  Sorry I missed this reply - I ust not be subscribed to all groups?

Yes maybe this would be a good option.  Currently we can navigate quickly to an active DM01 ECM message thanks to the new feature (6.06?) using a single button to get to a custom Log folder.  

But it would be great to have a single list of all active faults that is customisable..ie for my MM system I have 6x engines..so it would be great to be able to list all active falts for all systems connected to the Multi Master system...and also System faults?