Setting LED lights on a keypad

Deanne 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated 2 years ago 6

Very new to IQAN so my first project is try to set LED lights on a Grayhill 6-button keypad using J1939 protocol. I looked at the spec sheet and set up the FIN. There are values to each LED indicator (blinking, solid), but I am a bit stuck now and I am getting a warning that a parameter is overlapping.

Image 3182


Have you set the bit offset for each parameter in the JFIN?

That did the trick, thank you! Any chance you know what channel I should use to set the indicator value?

I'm not sure which value you are referring to?


Ok, now you are talking about the JFOUT and JPOUT channels. Similar setup to the JFIN and JPIN you just did, but you are going the opposite direction now. There is a CAN database under tools that you can use for examples, and also the IQAN install includes some example applications. 

Perfect, thanks for your help!