Multitouch Functionality on MD4

Richard Staite 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 9 years ago 3
Can you give me any pointers as to whether it is possible to achieve multi touch functionality on the MD4. I need to be able to activate two on screen buttons simultaneously and in this case toggling one and then activating the other is not really appropriate.
Incidentally it would be nice on Virtual digital inputs to be able to reset the toggle by means of an external channel - so that the button stays depressed (colour changed) until it is reset either by touching it again or by the channel selected.
Thanks Gustav
Satisfaction mark by Richard Staite 9 years ago
For the first question about multi-touch, this is not possible on the MD4 with existing IQANdesign functionality.

For the second request about resetting the toggle on a VDIN that is linked to a touch button, this is possible by adding a  to the Resetting channel property on the VDIN.
Do you know if there are any plans for muti-touch in the future?
No plans so far, but I've added your request to our idea database.