Issue with updating program from 5.0 to 6.0

Argy 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 4

I was called to look at a program I had written in 5.0. They said that the video stream had a glitch and that text behind the video stream was flashing through the video stream image. After a few hours of observing the issue without success I reverted the program back to 5.0 and the program worked as designed.

The program was designed for various machine set-ups, (i.e. if there is one or two cameras, if it is a forklift or a container handler or both etc... various screen options are turned on or remain unseen in the background).

In this bug a video Rear-view Mirror video stream should have been turned off due to the machine set-up. The area used by the Rear-view Mirror stream would be replaced by information regarding the condition of the handler. If the screen went to a video page, (once), and returned back to the screen that had the turned-off Rear-view Camera image, the video image would be displayed and information that should be displayed was covered up. A flashing message would flash through the unwanted video stream with every pulse. Only cycling power would reset the logic. 

Reverting back to the native firm-ware fixed the issue.

For whatever reason updating the Rev-level of IQAN-Design caused the issue with how and when the video stream is displayed. Possibly if I removed the troublesome logic when updating the firmware and re-wrote it in 6.05 this may have worked fine but I did not try this.

Have you noticed similar issues with logic is translated/mapped during firmware updates? 

We've noticed the same behavior with our camera pages when moving from IQANDesign 5 -> 6


We've had many issues upgrading projects from older version. Things seem to break especially when changing major revisions. Our stance is that unless we are going to do a full project validation again, we don't upgrade.

mdonaldson, My screen was acting the same way, as if it was trying to display.

My application is using IQAN-SV camera so I do not think this is related to the hardware.


What specific IQANdesign 6 version were you testing with? I see version 6.05 is mentioned, that could be interesting as this version has introduced faster navigation between display pages. There was a 6.05.19 update to fix issues from 6.05.18.

I think that to understand the issue, one would have to look at the application. A suggestion is to reach out to the Parker regional application engineer to review the application.