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I bought the IQAN MDL2 display, but i really didn't know it was a blank unit. Anyone can help me for program installation for Linde MK 5  or some instruction what i can do on the display, please? Already i have old MDL 2 clone file also . 

you need an older version of Iqan design software to do this - this can be purchased from the Iqan store or a third party can do this for you on request. The MDL2 screen would need to be sent to whoever does the work for you. You have the clone file but I'm not sure if this includes the Linde password or not- if not then you will need this to be able to open and install the application file.


I have access to login IQANRun 2 . 

then you can send the clone you have via iqanrun to the screen using Parker programming cable assembly type: 5030110. This is now obsolete but check on this forum elsewhere as I recall  there were details of the connectors and pinouts required somewhere on another thread to enable you to make up your own cable. You may also want to consider to upgrade your version of iqan run to V3.* or V4.* to enable the MDL2 firmware to be upgraded to something more up to date 

Note that the MDL2 is long obsolete and spares/repairs are now highly difficult to source/arrange- I know Linde do offer a full upgrade of these old systems to the MD4 platform which is currently supported, but won't provide password access to third parties to enable anyone else to do the process (believe me I've tried....)

good luck


Any Idea of linde MDL2 to upgrade to

I have 5 used MDL2 master display in great shape and 3 programming cables if anyone is looking.


Is that MDL 2 scrapped from Linde Mk 5 truck ??


Any contact who can, do Software installation of LINDE MK5  to IQAN

Do you have program clone ? 

Hello, good time, if possible, please send the IQAN program to majid917mahmoudi@yahoo.com, thank you.

Can you attach the program?

Hi Pawel/ We would be interested in a direct contact to see how we can work together/ Can you send your contacts to bm@axlecenter.com please/ Thanks

boa tarde , quero clonar  o MDL2 mas pede uma senha IQANRun2 , tem como resolver isso ?

hi friends Can anyone with this screen program send it to me by e-mail? Also, your IQAN module password is Edir. When I connect to MK5, it asks for the password. I cannot see its content. email: toolsprog@gmail.com