downloading application in Master module MD4, no contact with expansion modules

Laura 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 2


After loading an application the first time, our experience is that the expansion modules have no contact with the master, after restarting the system (often twice) the connection is there again. Can you tell me if this is a problem or it is just a downloading issue when an application is loaded.

Iqan design 6

MD4 and XC42

MD4 and XC43

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When the MD4 powers up, it checks that the XC4 expansions have the right firmware, and if needed updates the XC4 firmware before starting the application. 

The need for a manual restart will depend on the exact version you update the master to, and what version you had in the system before. 

In version 6.07, we released the firmware update for XC4x modules to make the modules comply with all requirements for FS certification.

Due to the way the XC4 startup checks work, the checks will be triggered if the previous version was <1.03.

A fast red blink is seen if the bios had to be updated. This is a one time operation and will not be seen again, even if the module is downgraded and then upgraded again.

The second blink code (R4:3 3:1:7) is from a check that is always triggered after updating to 1.03.