Error: Unassigned for JFIN and JFOUT

Liam Diprose 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated 2 years ago 2

Hello Everyone,

Today was my first day using IQANdesign (version 6.08). I'm glad to report that I found most things intuitive.

I'm trying to send J1939 parameters from one master module to another. I've linked the parameters to a J1939 Frame out, but I can't get it to shake the error "Unassigned". I've read elsewhere that JFOUT needs to "be linked to a module".

Can someone please explain what that means and how I can go about assigning it?

I am willing to provide more information if needed.

Hello Liam,

Welcome to IQAN !

You will need to add a J1939 module (not a real piece of hardware) to handle the master messages:

Then when you drag & drop your CAN frames into the new J1939 module they will appear in tabs like this:

You will need to give the J1939 module a unique source address and don't forget to change the J1939 source address on at least one of your master modules so they are not the same.

Bingo! Thank you very much Tim.

To clarify for others, you must have the Application Logic view active so you can click on and drag the J1939 frame node onto the new J1939 module shown on the left of the screen (under System Layout).