Referred public scope channel positions in external functions

Fabian Lagerstedt 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 9 months ago 7

When viewing an external function in a main project file, referred public scope channel positions are reset to upper left corner as if they were referred to again and not yet been manually positioned.

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I tried to see if I could replicate this problem on 6.08, but I always see the shadows of the public / private scope channels in the position they have in the external. 

What version are you having this issue in?

Worth noting for anyone reading this post and getting confused about "public" scope in an external function. Setting public scope on a channel in a sub-group in an external function makes its value available in all function groups in that external function. But not throughout the main project file. 

Currently using, but the project file has its origins from earlier versions and has been converted to newer versions over time.

I have not yet tried to replicate the issue in a "fresh" project.

When you reopen the main project, are the shadow positions still stuck in the upper left corner? 

What happens if you make a change to the external, so the instance of the external is updated in the main project?

What happens if you open the main project in 6.08?

I did some testing with a fresh project in 6.07, and I came to the realization that I described the issue wrong.

What I can see now is, if I refer to a public scope channel within an external function, the shadow remains its position from the first time I press the save button. From that point I can move the shadow position in the external function, but from the main project perspective it will always stay in the position it had when I pressed save in the external function the first time.

The only way to move the shadow seen in the main project file is to delete the public scope channel and create a new one, since IQAN seems to remember the first saved position of the shadowed channel ID.


I am having the same issue in 5.07.  All work, both the .idax and .idex files have always been in 5.07 and it appears most of the public channels in the .idex file moves to the top left corner when viewed in the .idax file.  In this particular .idex file, there are 10 sub-function groups and this happens in all of them.  I also noticed that some of the other pubic channels IP and FGI moved position, but not to the top left corner.  In the screen shot, you can see these channels are shown on top of other channels or a comment.


Thank you, I was able to reproduce the same issue. 

It it looks like the positions of the shadow references are kept from the positions they were in when the instance of the external was added in the main project.