IQAN 6.08 TPIN delminiter

Rick Yorke 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated 2 years ago 2

Attempting to use a TPIN channel to decipher a software ID message. I would like to use the deliminator and retrieve the fifth field, but I am not seeing anything indicating that I can do this. The use of the delimiator is only providing the first field, can I parse through the delminated fields to the one I want?

To read multiple fields, and one TPIN with delimiter for each field before the one you need. 

Attached is an example of an MD4 requesting and reading SOFT (Software identification, PGN 65242) from an IQAN master. 

Request identification frames v6.idsx


Thanks Gustav, got it all setup and working. Now I just need IQAN to release the text to ascii conversion or string comparison feature that has been discussed in other posts.  ; )