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Tony S. 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated 2 years ago 2


Is there any way to toggle display of images depending on which language is selected? My images contain text in multiple languages and I would like to display the image relating to the current language.

Thanks, Tony  

Satisfaction mark by Tony S. 2 years ago

You could add a System Information Channel, this has an option for "Selected language".

0 = default language selected, 1 = first language selected, etc.

If there is one image per language, an easy way of using this could be to feed it to a State Parameter channel with one state per language, and use that as Image selector on the Image control. 

Thanks Gustav, that all seemed to work with one minor adjustment - the State Parameter channel needed one state per (additional) language, as the first language seemed to correspond to the default state. This might be normal behaviour but it tripped me up at first! Cheers.