Ethernet Request rejected by Remote User

Kevin Richards 2 years ago in IQANrun updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 1

I recently attempted to set a static IP address for a IQAN MC043 control module which we previously had used DHCP for (IP: Mask:

Upon doing this changeover I am no longer able to successfully connect to the IQAN. It connects (I am also able to ping so networking is fine and the indicator in the bottom of IQANRun window is green and says Online) then immediately receive the following message: Connecting to remote System Request rejected by remote user. The machine still operates but I am unable to view statuses or upload/download to the device. 

Is there something I am missing so I can re-establish connectivity?

Alternatively, is their a way to roll back the change back to DHCP to utilize discovery?

Appreciate your help

Connecting to remote system

Request rejected by remote user

When making the connection via a static IP address, the IQAN tools treat the diagnostic session as a remote connection.

For remote connections, there are additional security properties, where the  default security settings is to Ask user, meaning the operator of the machine need to acknowledge the remote connection on the display:

This only works on systems where the Master Display manage the connection. 

On MC4x, there is a project check warning if any of the properties Allow remote connection or Allow remote stop, are set to Ask user, as this requires a display. 

To send an application with the necessary changes, power up the module without IdTag (described as bypass application in the module instruction book), send the modified application, reconnect the IdTag and power up normally.