Short Circuit Detection

Kudzanai Bhebhe 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 1

Hie guys.. According to the instruction books of the MD4-7 and MC43FS modules, they both have short circuit monitoring on digital outputs and voltage inputs. Does the whole module shut down or just a part of the circuitry (digital output pin or Vin pin) is shut down in the event of a short circuit being detected

For digital outputs, it depends on what specific type it is and what it is shorted to, but in general it is only the output that is affected. On the IQAN-MC4x/XC4x, Digital out HS and Digital out HS+LS detect reverse feed; when the output is shorted to another source. When this fault is detected, the module is prevented from starting the application. Other shorts are just affecting the output. Also see the Appendix B in the  IQAN-MC4x/XC4x instruction book, where there is list with the most common errors. 

Errors on the VIN is detected as low error / high error on the channel, if the voltage input is configured with a limited range, e.g. 500-4500 mV. See IQANdesign user manual on the VIN channel for details on how this error detection works.