Automatically selecting multiple items on display page?

Kevin 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 1

IQAN Design 5.08.

When selecting a item (text for example) on md3 screen in IQAN design, clicking a different object deselects the original and selects the one just clicked.

When selecting an item on screen, followed by a button, then another item, multiple on screen items have been selected without holding control key. I get 'indeterminate' in the property tree on RH side which is how i know its happened as only one text or lamp item is shown as selected on the display page. Appears to happen on all MD3 buttons, not sure if its a bug but can be annoying when designing layouts and configuring buttons? Seems to be inconsistent sometimes, some pages do it, others don't.

Thank you Kevin, I checked and confirmed the MD3 display page editor has this behavior in 5.x.

I checked older versions and it wasn't always like this. It appears the editor for MD3/MDL2 pages have had this behavior since 3.x, probably since the layer handling that was added to the editor with the introduction of the MD4 in version 3.10. 

Even though this has to be to seen as a bug, I do not think it is worth fixing in 5.x. 

I believe most of the work that is done on MD3 applications nowadays is for upgrading to MD4 in version 6, where the MD3 display page editor is no longer available.