/n new line in imsg/cmsg

Mack 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Marcel 5 months ago 4

Request to add new line feature (\n or _ notation used in QCode would work) for IMSGs and CMSGs.

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The CMSG and IMSG will wrap automatically, but I can see the need for controlling the line break.

A trick you could use is to enter text also on the line for help. But that shows up as a separate paragraph on the MD4 popup message. 

I found that using the help/channel lines changes the line spacing which looks odd. One need for this is creating a list in the message. My case I was trying to copy the format/style of the native error codes where it reads out the pin and module on separate lines.


Line break implemented in 7.01

57674Control CMSG/IMSG line break
Text and help properties are now multi-line.

Is it also possible to use a linebreak in an Text formatting channel for example?