Command Line Arguments for IQANrun, connect via Ethernet

Nathan Depcik 2 years ago in IQANrun updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 10 months ago 7

I am having an issue using command line arguments to connect automatically with Ethernet and CAN. when sending a command line prompt IQAN run will not properly switch to the different communication type. such as when connecting with Ethernet and On IQAN Run the Connection was previously CAN it wont automatically connect even with a given MAC address. However this isn't an issue with the previous connection was the same type and I am able to send command line arguments to send the project File as well as IQAN script File.

Could we get a bit more information Nathan.

What version of IQAN run are you using?

Can you share the specific command line arguments you are trying to use?

I am using IQAN run 6.08 and I am using the command line arguments given in the IQANrun.pdf that is provided on installation of IQAN run for both can and Ethernet to send an IQAN project or IQAN script.

For sending IQAN project files:

CAN: IQANrun -cif CAN -silent -send <IQANFile>

Ethernet: IQANrun -cif Ethernet -mac <address> -silent -send <IQANFile>

For sending IQAN script files:

CAN: IQANrun -cif CAN -silent -script <IQANFile> <IQANscrip>

Ethernet: IQANrun -cif Ethernet -mac <address> -silent -script <IQANFile> <IQANscript>

The command lines work but only if the same communication was used. Such as if the previous connection was CAN the command line prompt for CAN works without any issue. But if the prompt for Ethernet was used IQAN run does not automatically send or connect. However I have noticed that if the previous connection type was Ethernet and CAN is needed IQAN is able to send the project. however this is not the case when sending a IQAN script since it keeps asking for a Ethernet connection.

The previous connection over CAN, was that manual? 

I am not sure yet, but it seems as if the communication interface set manually in IQANrun can cause problems. 

When try this and have IQANrun set to Ethernet manually, it always finds the master with the MAC address set in the CLA.

I can use CLA with another communication interface without breaking this. 

But by manually selecting and using a different communication interface in IQANrun, I managed to get the same problem, it presents the Ethernet connect dialog even though a master with matching MAC address is present


Yes the previous connection was set manually.