Copy Paste problem with Display Pages

Andy 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 11 months ago 4

I found an issue with Copy Paste of a display page from one design project to another.

To reproduce:-

1) Create a new display page, in my case it was an MD4-10

2) Add a Linear Bar somewhere to the page.

3) Modify the Linear bar so that the colour of the Bar is Red (from the list not from Custom)

4) Add another Bar and this time make it green (from the list not from Custom)

4) Right Click on the Project Manager User Interface, your New display page and select copy

Image 3326

In a 2nd concurrent instance of design open a new project with an MD4-10 module as master module
1) Over the Project Manager User display instance of your Display right click select Paste. The Red Colour of the Linear Bar is lost and the default colour is present. The green Bar comes across just fine.

Image 3327

Image 3328

If you Right Click Paste into the same project as you originally worked in, instead of a new one, a new display page is created but here the colour is retained not lost.

For me when I had multiple linear Bars with different colours overlapping so that visibility channels determined which of the 3 was actually displayed, the Green bar and the Yellow bar came across Ok with the paste, but the Red bar always looses its colour and defaults the to the initial orange/brown that design defaults to... weird


OH...btw....Im not thinking this issue is a critical one....but something that over time would be good if it was sorted...eventually :<) 

Looks like the bar color property is set to auto-value when pasting the complete page to another instance of IQANdesign. 

Problem with bar color auto value fixed in 7.00