Adjusting parameter values from third party device

Kerry Brock 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated 2 years ago 2

Is there a way to use a non IQAN display to adjust a state parameter, function parameter, integer parameter and digital parameter?  I am looking to use a Parker PHD display in a system and use IQAN masters to handle the logic.  I would like to be able to use touch buttons on the PHD display to change each of the parameter types listed above.

Can this be done?  The communication between the IQAN master and PHD will be over J1939.

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No, to adjust these channels, you will need an IQAN display or IQAN service tool (IQANgo, IQANrun). 

Although the PHD is a Parker product, it was never designed to be IQAN compatible. 

It has to be integrated like other 3rd party display, with J1939 or generic CAN messages. 

What you could do is to read values from JPIN channels. Some application designers who use 3rd party displays for parameters also store values locally in MEM-channels. 

What you loose with 3rd party displays is not only the ease of parameter adjustments; you also loose the safety and security of the IQAN parameters. 

That is why the MC4xFS safety manual has a requirement, C4x-SMR-007, that specifically say that applications shall not be built in this way:

For safety related software based parameterization, the IQAN configuration tools (e.g.
IQANrun) have functionality for handling the integrity of the parameters and the access
to these parameters.

C4x-SMR-007:A Configuration tools

The application shall not incorporate functions that would make it possible to alter
safety related parameters through other tools than the IQAN configuration tools. 

IQAN configuration tools include: IQANrun (PC), IQANgo(phone/tablets) and IQAN
master displays that are part of the same project file as the MC4xFS.


Thanks Gustav, that gives me a clear understanding of why we cannot adjust these values from a third party device and makes sense.  I didn't know of a way to do this, but wanted to ask in case I was missing something.

Thanks again.